Xtern Software Debuts HarmonyB2B

Xtern Software is a nearly 20-year-old software company, located entirely in Greensboro. Our specialty is software that businesses use internally -- that is, software that the business itself uses and not what customers see. For example, we build a lot of databases for furniture companies, which they use to track their inventory, customize product orders, generate invoices, etc. We work with all sorts of companies, including non-profits and startups. And we also build websites, mobile apps, and train on digital marketing.

We are proud to share our newest product, locally developed HarmonyB2B. Right now, people are shopping online a lot. And many businesses have B2B websites that weren't designed effectively. So we built a product that creates speedy and secure websites. The best thing about HarmonyB2B is that the content can be used on websites, mobile apps, digital kiosks, dealer portals, and more. The product can also be used for B2C or to create simple marketing websites.  

Xtern Software would like to offer free consulting for businesses looking to move online (in addition to their brick & mortar presence). As a local business, we feel we have a responsibility to help other local businesses right now. And we feel that the pool of businesses we could help could be quite large because Keir won't be shy about directing a business in another, non-Xtern direction if that's best for their business. We’d like to offer local businesses and nonprofits the opportunity to learn how to transition their business online with a free, 45-minute consultation with our president, Keir Davis. As far back as 1996, Keir was setting up businesses to sell online, with secure sites that accepted credit cards. He’s savvy about the ecommerce world and wants to help fellow Greensboro businesses through this tough time.  

If you are interested in setting up time to chat with Keir (no sales pitch, only advice), email emilyl@xternsoftware.com.